A Dying Breed

A Dying Breed.


A Dying Breed

So I’ve noticed something incredibly scary and down right wrong, in my opinion that is, and it’s the fact that men’s fashion is becoming as irrelevant as punk rock music and this my friends is an extremely sad reality.


Here at Mo Crystals we deal with fashion on a daily basis, I mean our main supplier is our main competitor (Swarovski Crystal Elements) and they are slowly bringing back men’s fashion in a big way, but I did notice they have a focus on accessories, which in truth is a rare with many men today. So I have decided to dissect what has happened to men’s fashion in the modern age and why less and less focus is being placed on it.

sean connery

One of the greatest James Bond’s to grace the silver screen is undoubtedly Sean Connery, a man’s man, a martini swirling, cigar smoking, tuxedo wearing man, and boy did he wear a tuxedo, Sean was the epitome of a tuxedo, he wore it and not the other way around. Now for me that’s the crucial thing that has been lost in our modern era, wearing a suit/tuxedo and not letting it wear you, a skinny, tighter suit does not mean you are wearing it, it just means you look incredibly uncomfortable and out of sorts in your attire. Suits are like a warriors Armour, when that Armour is fitted perfectly and the warrior is wearing it with confidence, it shines right through and he is ready for any battle, boardroom or bar, but we have lost that, and I blame designers for this debacle. I’ve seen this new “trend”that is taking place where skinny shorts are paired with a blazer, shirt, tie and a pair of loafers, WTF? Are you going to the beach or to the office? Shorts and blazers do not belong together, at no point in time should they be paired together, it looks ridiculous. And whilst I’m still on the topic of looking ridiculous, why have guys stopped wearing socks with formal attire? When did the mandate go out to say that socks and shoes were breaking up? A suit goes with socks, do not kill something so classic, please gentlemen.

the dapper don

The days of the “Dapper Don”John Gotti is what I miss, obviously not the evil things Gotti did, but his style and dress sense, the man was elegance personified from top to bottom, his suits looked like his actual skin, it was natural and just flowed like the River Nile, but we have lost that, the suits have gotten skinnier and the flow is just not natural any longer. Now we’ve all watched the evolution of women’s fashion, from  Madeleine Chéruit to Coco Chanel to Miuccia Prada, women’s fashion has evolved, but also went back in time to borrow some amazing styles from the 70’s and 80’s and brought it into the modern era (Ladies you weren’t the first to wear high-waisted shorts).


Gone are the days of men in crisply tailored suits that flow as well as compliment, gone are the days of the ladies man in a suit, instead it has been traded in for something less classy, I say NO to this blasphemy, let all men of the world come together and take back a once iconic piece of men’s fashion…The Suit!


Let us know your thoughts on men’s fashion in the modern era, are you for it or are against it?

Well well well it seems as though we have stumbled across yet another Monday, but in truth this Monday feels way different, well at least in my opinion. The energy in the air is pretty fantastic for a Monday, it sounds crazy but just take a second to acknowledge how amazing it is to be here, in this moment.

Did anyone manage to catch the Grammy’s last night? I didn’t, mainly because Live Award shows just take very long to get to the categories that interest me, no disrespect to the country artists but that genre is just not for me. The biggest winners had to be Daft Punk, the shiny masked duo cleaned up, they took Album of the Year, Best Pop Duo and Best Dance/Electronica album just to name a few. Now when this album came out last year, it was possibly the only thing I listened to for about 4 months straight, why you may ask? Well I truly believed it was and still is to this day one of the most relevant pieces of music in the modern era, music that can be compared to Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Maya Plisetskaya as the Dying Swan, something so iconic and revered the world stops and applauds its sheer brilliance. (  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Luz5g-doa34 ) Plisetskaya as The Dying Swan.


Other artists who picked up the coveted Grammy include another duo who I’m very fond of because of their sheer persistence to do things their way no matter what, I’m talking about those Thrift Shop guys Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The best part of what they did is win a category that is usually associated with black artists, the category of rap music, they proved that it doesn’t matter  what race, religion or creed you are, music is just simply universal and felt by all.


Music, art, dance and fashion all fall into one undisputed category in my opinion and that’s self-expression, something so rare in a world that is leaned towards trends, I’m all for trends BTW, they set the standard for what to expect, but sometimes I wonder why the everyday person can’t start their own trend in their chosen field, I mean we here at Mo Crystals have a very tight-knit bond with Swarovski Crystal Elements in Austria, so much so that we even we took a trip to there to see what the next trend was, but the beauty of what we did was that we then created our own idea for what we feel can be a major trend in the world of fashion and accessories…and I plan to give you a little hint on our next fantastic product range, the campaign is called “Express Your Cell”, a range of Graffiti cellphone covers done by a local artist infused with Swarovski Elements to add glamour the edge and rebellion that is graffiti.

The last week of January is upon us, New Years resolutions have begun, some achieved, some failed and some that just never got off the ground, no matter what the case is, there is always a opportunity for a new better You and that my friends is truer than true…Ciao for Now.

Oh Happy Day!!!!

We are back on the blogosphere, after a long time of radio silence, and the reason for this silence? Well its simple, we wanted to sharpen our skills so to speak and boy do they feel razor sharp. Its a new year filled with new exciting possibilities, but is that really true? Has anything really changed besides the number that comes after 201… For us everyday is filled with new and exciting challenges no matter what year it is, for us we get to play around with crystals and leathers and metals, and when I use the word play I mean it, our designers sit together and play around with all these materials to come up with something that will WOW our buyers and loyal followers. Speaking about new and exciting, 2014 is said to be the year of Crystallography, now for those if us who aren’t familiar with what crystallography is, I have done us a huge a favour and saved us all some time and found this fantastic video discussing Crystallography… http://youtu.be/m2maeeA9z84 (You are welcome). I bet you didn’t realise just how much of a role crystal played in your life, from your toothpaste to the sugar we put in our tea or coffee and of course our friend that brings flavour, salt.   The crystals we fascinated with are those that come from a little country called Austria, and these crystals don’t go into your food or beverages no no no, they go on everything else, and when I say everything else I mean it, from cellphones to clothing to toilets, crystallising of all products has slowly become the norm. Now most people wouldn’t want a toilet covered in crystals, but how many times have you mistook your cellphone for someone else’s or even your car keys, that’s where crystallising comes in and eliminates the headache of confusing your things with your friends, family and co-workers, at the same time it adds a bit of style, elegance and shine to your everyday products.

We all love looking good, but that generally comes at a cost that just isn’t feasible for you, the beauty of what we do is that we will work with you or your company’s budget to add that extra pizzazz that takes your product from 1 to a million. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at some these products and tell me otherwise…Ciao for now. StaplerMo Crystals038Branded Mo Crystals033Branded

Cease Fire.



It really is hard to understand the way in which the world works,I’ve the phrase justice for all,human rights and so and so forth,but I can’t really say I’ve seen it or heard it or even read it. News today is pretty much one big publication of obituaries,all around the world,every corner of this home we call earth,and honestly its a sad reality. I know death is inevitable,but the rate at which we are killing each other is immense,and for what? Who actually knows and remembers why Israel and Palestine are at war,and why is the American Army still posted in Afghanistan if they supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden (body is yet to be seen by anyone),why do rapists who have damning evidence against them still roam the streets as if they are upstanding members of society?

I am an advocate against bullying,I’ve been against it my whole life,I’ve protected my younger brother from a bully that he had in primary school,because the school did nothing about it. Schools are a place where parents expect their children to be taken of,educated and nurtured to become leaders of the new world,but instead they face bullying,something I consider a crime. At Phineas Xulu Secondary School yesterday an 18-year-old pupil named Nkululeko Ndlovu was killed in the classroom by a fellow pupil,Ndlovu was the bully. The pupil who murdered him has not been revealed as yet,but reports state that he used his Metro Cop mothers firearm to seek his own form of justice as the school had not taken any action. The pupils from the high school are relieved that Ndlovu was killed as he was their sole tormentor,pupils statements indicate they feared going to the rest room as Ndlovu would usually seek out his victims there, “We never [wanted] to go to the toilets because we were scared of him. One day I was at the toilet and he came in, grabbed me by my private parts and took my money. His friends were just standing there, laughing,” one boy said. One girl said that if the school had taken action when they were informed of the bullying this would have been prevented,but in a response by an education department spokesperson,they said they were aware of the boys problems and had been working on them with the boys grandmother,I’m sorry but working on the problems is no way of dealing with it,as you can now clearly see that your so-called “working” did not work at all. Killing another human being is a crime,no doubt about that,but in the eyes of a teenager who is constantly beaten up and tormented by a wild child,they do  not see any other way out,in some way he is a vigilante for justice.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has sentenced 14 criminals to death in just 2 days,the criminals are mainly rapists and murderers,but the Afghan government faces very strong opposition from the Taliban,who claim that other prisoners who also stand to be hung in the next few days are members of their group,and are not “criminals of war” as stated by the administration. The Taliban have basically threatened the government,stating that if the Taliban prisoners are executed there will be “heavy repercussions” for the government. The death penalty is something that has been brought up in many countries worldwide,some people are for it and others against it,but rapists and murderers do they not deserve to be sentenced to death for their hanis crimes?

World Peace



Monday is back at it again,and it seems as if this weekend was even shorter than the last,but I will say that the weather this weekend was truly sublime,the sun did not hold back any of its beautiful rays,and that just meant,shorts,shades and pool. We went to a pool party in Lonehill over the weekend,and I promise you,it seemed as though we were thrown into an episode of Jersey Shore, I shall dub it Jozi Shore,big buff guys tanned to a near crisp,girls in bikini’s with some big hair and earrings and make-up (all this to go swimming),but it was a pretty awesome party,thank you to the ladies of Peaches Bikini’s for inviting the FreshGang team to be a part of the event,and hopefully soon we will be able to collaborate Mo Crystals with your bikini line.

It is truly heart-breaking to see that in this day and age conflict and violence go hand in hand,there is never a resolution that involves peace and harmony,bloodshed is all. Palestine and Israel wage in a war that has been going on for centuries,people are born into this world of terror and are forced to take part in senseless war where lives have been lost,families are being destroyed and it seems as though world leaders have no intention of bringing this senseless nonsense to an end. The truth of it all is that this continuous anarchy is all about financial gain,the sale of arms and weapons of destruction continues to the line the pockets of the super powers. I do not believe that this war is the problem of the governments of the Middle East or their people,children are being born into a world where they may not see their 1st birthdays,as the death toll rises,do we as a human race just stand back and continue to let this happen?

I’m sure you all remember Anders Behring Breivik,the Norwegian man who slaughtered 77 people in June last year,well this homicidal maniac is back in the media,and yet again for all the wrong reasons. This man has no feelings of remorse for his mass killing spree that he believes was a “cleansing” of the Norwegian society. Anders has written an open letter to a far right German gang member who has been involved in racist killings dating back to the year 2000. Here are some inserts of the letter written by Anders. “We are both among the first rain drops which indicate that there is a massive purifying storm approaching Europe,we are both martyrs for the conservative revolution and you should be extremely proud of your sacrifice and efforts. “Know that your sacrifice is being celebrated in northern Europe by tens of
thousands of cultural conservatives,” he wrote.  It truly disgusts me that some people believe that only one race or religion can exist on this planet,and that their actions of mass destruction is a pure and noble thing to do. Do we pass judgment on such people,and does that make us any better than them? Probably not,but having people like Anders as part of our society is definitely not the way forward,obviously people call for the death penalty,but isn’t that the same thing as he has done?Rather place him with hardened criminals whose soul purpose in life is to ensure that new inmates,especially those who have a racist agenda,suffer.

“There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”